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Krzysztof Świder received his M.S. degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Ukraine (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute) and his Ph.D. degree in Control Engineering and Robotics from Warsaw University of Technology. He  is currently head of the Department of  ERP Systems and e-Services in Rzeszów University of Technology and takes responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the enterprise systems and data. K. Świder accomplishes and manages projects to design, implement and test advanced database systems and applications including progressive business intelligence functions. He performs research and teaching activities in the following areas: business intelligence and analytics for decision support, data mining in bioinformatics and advanced software engineering techniques and tools.

Department of ERP Systems and e-Services
Rzeszów University of Technology
Powstańców Warszawy 12, 35-959 Rzeszów, POLAND
Office Phone: (++4817) 743-2174
Electronic Mail: